From the Wisdom perspective, we can hear the teachings of Jesus in a whole new way. In fact, we come to see everything in a whole new way—including ourselves. This is not the result of believing something different. It is nothing less than the transformation to a whole new way of seeing and a whole new way of knowing. But this transformation is based on experience and not belief. Spiritual practice—like the ancient contemplative disciplines of meditation, chanting, and lectio divina—are important. Additionally, attention practices are essential in this transformation. 

But the challenge of this vision and understanding of life is that you cannot see it until you can see it. From our usual way of seeing and from our ordinary consciousness this simply makes no sense at all. It requires subtler faculties of apprehension.

Wisdom’s work is to provide opportunities for this kind of deepening and to assist Wisdom seekers in this ongoing process.

The presenters for the Wisdom schools include the Rev. William Redfield, Sister Lois Barton CSJ, and Deborah Welsh, Ed.D.

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2018 Programs

Wisdom Schools

October 5-8 - Visionary Seeing Wisdom School with Rev. William Redfield, Sr. Lois Barton and Deborah Welsh, Ph.D., at The Spiritual Center, Windsor, NY

Besides a science of transformation, Wisdom includes a cosmological map that explains how the universe is put together and, within this configuration, what constitutes a meaningful human life. While our “Heart-Centered Living” and “Deepening Creativity” Wisdom Schools focus on the methodology of transformation, the “Visionary Seeing Wisdom School” provides the context of that change—from what to what and why?  The divine exchange and reciprocal feeding are presented and attention and surrender practices are deepened. We will also introduce the dynamic of deep change in the Law of Three and the Law of Seven.  The Gospel of Thomas continues to be explored, especially those logia that apply to these areas. Our time together unfolds in the same basic balance and rhythm as in the Heart Centered Living Wisdom School. Participants will have to opportunity to delve deeply into their own unique life purpose.
This training will be led by Bill Redfield, Lois Barton, and Deborah Welsh.
Cost: $500.  For more information and to register, please contact Cathy Dutch,