Centering Prayer

Held first and third Wednesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. at Sophia House, 719 W. Main St. Endicott.

Claudine Jones shares her experience with Centering Prayer.
I’ve lost track how long Ed and I have participated in Centering Prayer. We look forward to meeting with Carol Uhlman, our facilitator, on a bi-monthly basis at Sophia House in Endicott. Centering Prayer adds a depth and dimension to our other modes of praying that isn’t easy to explain. We say grace at meals, we pray in church for family and friends, most every day we pray our own silent prayers. Centering Prayer is different from our normal prayers in that it isn’t just about a close, personal relationship with God. It’s about resting quietly in His space and absorbing His warmth and grace. It’s being in the presence of a best friend who knows you so well; there is no need for words.  It is living in a bubble of peace.
In today’s sometimes toxic and abrasive world, Centering Prayer is a miracle of silent prayer. 


Held fourth Sunday of the month at 6 p.m. at The Sophia Center for Spirituality in Binghamton, NY.

Marge Mangan is one of the most faithful participants at our monthly Taizé services and had the following to say in answer to a question about why she keeps coming back.
“I like the format with the time for reflection and the occasional question that you ask as a prompt after a reading. It’s good to have Scripture and the five to ten minutes of silence that follows each time helps the meaning to go deeper in us. Personal, private time for reflection is enhanced by being in a group. And chanting…there’s something to be said for that! Even if we don’t have great voices we can sing along with the monks at Taize (on CD) or when we have a live musician because the chants are simple and provide repeated prayers that are uplifting."
Join us for Taizé on the fourth Sunday of the month

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