A testimonial about The Sophia Center for Spirituality from... Cheryl Lyon

In my own spiritual life, I have found that the teachings of other traditions (notably, Sufism and Buddhism) have not eroded my own (Christian) faith but have enriched, enlivened and deepened it.  While there are certainly differences among the many traditions, there is also a deep commonality of Truth and Wisdom expressed with different words, metaphors and theology.  It seems that we spiritual seekers have more in common than not. 

What I appreciate about the Sophia Center is that ideas, wisdom and truth are shared in an atmosphere of openness and receptivity, allowing each person to make his or her own connections no matter where s/he is on the journey or what path s/he is following.  Because God is in all things, all paths ultimately lead to God, and we can trust that the Holy Spirit (the Spirit of Life and Truth) will guide our thinking and discussions and come to each person in the silence beneath all words.

Cheryl Lyon, Life Coach and Spiritual Director

                                                                                                      * * * * *

The initial funding for The Sophia Center for Spirituality was a generous grant from the estate of Helen Daly, a student of Cynthia Bourgeault whose written works and teachings have influenced a generation of seekers in the renewal of the Wisdom tradition of Christianity. The teachings and practices of wisdom captivated Helen so completely that at her untimely death from cancer she bequeathed all of her assets to the continuation of this work. All of our programs and events in our first two years of existence have been underwritten by Helen’s bequest.    
        As we look to the future, we know it will be necessary for the Sophia Center to become self-sustaining in order to survive. It is this purpose that calls us to offer you the opportunity to share in this future which we believe will renew and deepen the spirit of individuals and groups in the Southern Tier of New York State and beyond. It is already happening; please join us to make it flourish.      
        If you'd like to send a donation to help us continue this programming, please use the convenient PayPal button or make a check payable to The Sophia Center for Spirituality and write 2018 Fund Drive in the note and mail to us at 30 Main Street, Binghamton, NY 13905.